The Perfect Baby Shower Gift for the Mom who has Everything

I love a good baby shower, a mid-afternoon social time with lots of delicious food and a chance to goo and gaa over the adorableness of baby clothes and accessories. Yes, please. Speaking from experience, based on my own baby shower, it’s wonderful to be showered with cute outfits, booties, baby blankets, rattles and all […]

Meetings & Morning Sickness: Learnings from a Corporate Career Mama

Pregnancy is such an exciting time. The emotional excitement of expecting can leave you bubbling with anticipation looking to share your good news with those around you. Yet, at the same time, the pace of change in your life seems to quicken and the unknowns that come with pregnancy are often accompanied with anxiety and […]

15 of the Best Gifts to get a New Mom

Let’s face it. There is no shortage of adorable gifts for newborns. Everything is so itsy, bitsy and cute, it’s difficult to resist, right?! Certainly, I would never fault someone for giving in to the adorableness of those miniature baby moccasins or those teeny tiny onesies. However, in the process of spoiling new babes, we often forget about the […]

5 Reasons You Need Oh Mother Care Kits in Your Life

1. Receiving mail that is not a flyer for your local pizzeria or a utility bill feels awesome. Beautifully and thoughtfully curated care packages delivered at the beginning of every season. AMAZING! 2. You work damn hard as a mom, amirite?! Multi-tasking like a boss and making sure everyone’s needs are met. You definitely deserve […]