The Perfect Summer Treat: Creamy Avocado Fudgesicles

Even though Fall is just around the corner, summer isn’t over yet, which is why you need these Avocado Fudgicles in your life. They are the perfect indulgence for any hot summer day. They’re definitely kid-approved and a great healthy alternative to the pre-made ones from the freezer aisle of the grocery store. I love […]

7 Compelling Reasons why Self-Care Matters as a Mom

My self care today looks very different than it did a year ago, before my son was born. Free time was much more accessible then and making time for myself was a lot less complicated. I don’t think I fully appreciated how much simpler it was for me to take a relaxing bath, read a […]

Best gift for the Bestie from away who’s having a baby

My Bestie lives well over 3000 miles away. We have been friends since grade school. As the new kid in the school, I was an outcast in the beginning and she was protective of her turf but it wasn’t long before she warmed to my charm and we’ve been friends ever since. The thousands of […]

Three Simple Ways For A Working Mom To Carve Out Some “Me” Time

Three months ago, I was given an opportunity to return to work early from maternity leave. I was hesitant, yet, excited about the idea of rejoining the workforce and I knew that my brain would thank me for the challenge. However, I was acutely aware that I was about to be the busiest I have […]