The First Shipment

This week, my first shipment of Oh Mother Care Kits went out to customers, marking the most exciting and important milestone yet!


Just four months ago, I had this idea to create care packages especially for moms and now, here I am sending off my inaugural Summer 2016 Care Kits to much-deserving mommas across the country. Sure, it’s been a hustle. There has been epic exhaustion, emotional meltdowns and frustrating f-ups. But right now, in this moment, I prefer to bask in the glory of the present victory because tomorrow, I’ll be back to hustling.

I thought to mark this occasion, I would share a bit of the backstory of how this came to be…

Well, it’s two-fold; one, I have wanted to start my own home-based business for many years but becoming a mom definitely boosted my motivation to make this happen. And two, entering motherhood has given me a whole new perspective and appreciation of “me” time.

As a new mom, I’ve had some rough days. You probably know (or remember) the ones right?! I blame sleep deprivation and teething – a lethal combo. At their worst, I can be hurled into an ugly tailspin of self-doubt, anger and apathy. Fortunately, my husband has learned to deflect the emotional missiles that I fire in this state and I am learning to take time for myself before I hit self-destruct mode.

It was on one of these rough days that I first conceived of the idea to create care packages for moms. New moms, like me could definitely use them, but so could any mom, at any stage of motherhood. Let’s face it, moms give so much without asking much in return. Of course, this is the extraordinary thing about mothers but in terms of self-preservation, it’s a bit short-sighted. We definitely forget and neglect our own needs. Sound familiar?

I have always been passionate about self-care and women’s health, but becoming a mom has intensified my need, as well as, complicated the quest for a little rejuvenation and relaxation.

In the early stages of developing Oh Mother, I spent a lot of time perusing Etsy and corresponding with vendors on my iphone while my son slept on my chest. I was in search of the perfect little goodies for busy, tired mommas. I also wanted these goodies to be natural, artisan and produced by Canadian makers.

The launch of Oh Mother happened pretty organically. There was a synergy to the process. This isn’t to say it wasn’t hard; it was hard. My son’s needs came first and so there were times when Oh Mother tasks had to be paused, postponed or the plan adjusted completely. I often had to go at a pace that was discouraging and sometimes frustrating. I had to work through my exhaustion in the evenings because that was my window to work. To my shock and awe, having less time has actually driven me to be more productive and decisive than I’ve ever been before. I have a no nonsense attitude about my time now. No squandering. I know other moms out there get this. 

I am really proud of Oh Mother Care Kits. Along the way, I’ve received a lot of encouragement, support and tons of amazing suggestions. I hope that my customers will also offer up their insights, experiences and feedback because I want to ensure that Oh Mother Care Kits stay relevant each season and contain products that mesh well with the various lifestyles and phases of motherhood. I feel confident that I’ve created something important and full of goodness; from one mother to another.

This inaugural Summer 2016 care kit is a big one. I’ve poured a lot of heart into it and the products and the people behind the products are top-notch. You may just have to get yourself a subscription to see what I mean!

Now I’m off to have a celebratory glass of wine.






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