Meet the Maker: Joannie + Boucle d’or

Canadian Made

Jun 22

Where do you call home? Montreal.

What sparked the beginning of this venture for you? A little bite of craziness and much demand (too much for the 15 hours per week that I was putting in before, with a full time job).

What is your most favourite thing to do when you get a moment to yourself? Create new things. With all the orders that I have from different shops, it’s very easy (and a little bit boring) to always produce the same pattern.

What has been your greatest success (or something that you’re most proud of) within your business? Have a full page in a french Magazine called “Coup de Pouce”. For the curious, check it out here.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in starting and running your own business? Don’t work too hard. I always put too much pressure on myself.

What does success mean to you? Living a life without stress. Do what you love and makes lots of time for fun.

What is your favourite thing about being your own boss? Sleep late 🙂

Questions directly borrowed or adapted from “In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from Over 100 Makers, Artists and Entrepeneurs” by Grace Bonney.


Check out more of Joannie’s gorgeous jewellery collection, here.

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Summer 2017 Kit

About the Author

Nicole is the founder/curator of Oh Mother Care Kits, a small startup business inspired by her personal struggle with self-care as she transitioned into motherhood. Nicole is super passionate about supporting women through the fostering of community, open dialogue and acts of solidarity (both on the inter-web and in real-life form). She also loves supporting local Canadian artists and makers who hand-craft pretty things in small batches.