Gifts To Get A Rad NEW Baby Momma That Don’t Suck [Postpartum Edition]

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Babies get all the good stuff. Serious. I mean, baby things are itty-bitty and thus, friggin’ adorable, yes but that’s besides the point. Where is the love for momma? After all, she’s the one that just grew and gave life to the lil’ fooshnicken, right?! And she’s the one that will carry the weight of care, worry and sacrifice. Okay, yes, Dads are great and important too. But let’s be real. Moms are the superheros here.

I’m all about advocating for the new momma and her needs because reality is, her needs have to and will come in second A LOT, especially in the early months.

So, in honour of new mommas (and all the incredible feats that they have and will have to endure), I’ve compiled a list of fabulous, hand-crafted gift ideas (from Canadian makers) that will make her the star attraction and you, her favourite person.

Made with Local (Dartmouth, NS)

Local Love Box (includes Real Food Bars & Loaded Instant Oats) $30 – 50 + shipping

New Mommas need fuel, and fast.

Made with Local Real Food bars are by far one of my favourite snacks to have on-hand and on-the-go. No weird ingredients here. Their Loaded Oats instant oats are also staple in our household. Breakfast is fast, easy and delicious, which is exactly what you need after having a baby! And even beyond the newborn stage, their oats and bars are super toddler and child friendly!

Food is one of the best gifts you can provide new parents. Order a sampler box of Made with Local Instant Oats and Real Food bars (they have 3 sizes to choose from) and have them delivered to a new momma in your life. Easy Peasy! You will be a hero!

Econica (Ottawa, ON)

Organic Handmade Wrap Shirt $131.49 + shipping

Comfy clothing is a must as a new mom but it’s also great to have comfy clothing that is versatile and can be worn lounging around the house or out and about.

This organic wrap shirt is all kinds of gorgeous. It’s breastfeeding friendly, loose-fitting for c-section mommas and comes in a variety of colours. Also, it’s a very flattering style for any body type, which is great for postpartum when your body is going through many changes and transformations after birth.

Vancity Stitch Co. (Vancouver, BC)

Embroidered Floral Pendant Necklace $30 CAD + shipping

Do people even bring flowers to new moms? I dunno but if this was your line of thinking…Forget the flowers. This lovely little hand embroidered pendant is just the right gift to acknowledge the incredible feat of bringing a little human into the world. There are quite a few colour and style choices in Vancity Stitch Co’s etsy shop so have a little peek around.

MiNiTiPi (Gatineau, ON)

Black & White Bird Nursing Scarf $30 CAD + shipping

Breastfeeding or not, this scarf is so lovely and also, rad. Some women are more comfortable nursing from the get-go, others need time and practice. For me, there definitely was a hot mess phase where the latching was awkward and the milk let down was vigorous and shooting out in all directions. Needless to say, it took some time to perfect. So having a cover that can be used when you’re wanting more privacy in a more public setting can be wonderful. No shame either way.

Oh Mother Care Kits (Dartmouth, NS)

New Momma Care Kit $109 CAD + $9.95 shipping

Unfortunately, it happens easy enough, new moms will completely neglect themselves in their quest to meet their baby’s every need. In many instances, they have to hold their bladders, delay their showers and forgo brushing their teeth. It’s inevitable that self-care takes a pretty severe nose-dive as a new mom. However, some gentle care and attention is necessary and possible.

The Oh Mother New Momma Care Kit contains all the specialty items a new mom needs after giving birth.

Hands down, this is the perfect gift for a new mom (of course, being the curator of these little kits, I have some bias but my customers will confirm the awesomeness of my kits). And the reality is, new moms always have enough baby things. Be the person whose thinks of the new mom herself. She will wholeheartedly appreciate and LOVE that you’re looking out for her.

So, what’s in this genius care package you ask?! Click here to find out.

Replicca Clothing Co. (Hamilton, ON)

Bamboo Jersey Cowl Shirt $75 CAD + shipping

Again, comfy but still stylish clothes are fabulous when you’re a new mom. I LOVE LOVE Replicca Clothing Co. I have a few pieces from them and they are so well-made and are really flattering on many body types, especially curvy ones. Also, there are many fabric colour options. Make sure you order in plenty of time, handmade goodies take a little more time to create, largely because they’re injected with love and care.

Life i design by Nicki Traikos (Unionville, ON)

Coffee Mug $20.76 CAD + shipping

YEP! Let’s debunk this idea that mothers have to be perfect to be great moms. F-bombs will be dropped. It’s inevitable. Also, show your support for her soon-to-develop coffee dependency. Somedays, it’s the only thing keeping you upright.

Thief and Bandit (Halifax, NS)

Hand-printed Floral Leggings $117.74 + shipping

Leggings are a mom’s best friend. Serious. And these are incredibly awesome. That’s it.

607 By Davie and Chiyo (Vancouver, BC)

Name Bar Necklace $51.25 CAD + shipping

I love the idea of getting this for a new mom – with hers and babe’s name engraved. So adorable and yet, not tacky. Because, let’s face it. There is a LOT of tacky, cheesy, cheapo mom jewellery out there and don’t nobody need that. This double name bar necklace is really minimalist and tasteful. Also, it’s made from solid sterling silver, 14K gold fill and 14K rose gold fill for durability and longevity. Quality for the win!

Jessica Makes (Abbotsford, BC)

Hand Embroidery Hoop Art, Punch Today in the Face $75 CAD + shipping

Because there will be days when this messaging is needed. Motherhood is damn hard and some days you really have to rally to get through. This little nugget of hand-embroidered awesomeness speaks to this and inspires a deep, inner gusto to push through.

Mini Street (Edmonton, AB)

It Takes A Village Raglan Long Sleeve T-shirt $42 CAD + shipping

Remind her that she’s not alone. This is everything.

Moon and Sparrow (Montreal, QC)

Custom “Awesome Mom” Portrait $150 CAD + shipping

Custom gifts are so great. They definitely take more consideration and planning but they really up the ante on gift-giving. I love the artwork from Moon and Sparrow (Sandra Dumais, artist/illustrator). So fun and refreshing and something that a new momma will love and appreciate for a long time to come.

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