New Momma [Postpartum] Care Kit

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It’s a time of great joy and excitement. Lots of visitors in and out, coming to meet and cuddle the new baby and of course, spoiling the family with lots of adorable, teeny tiny baby things (SO many baby things!).

For the new mom, it is a whirlwind of emotions. Wanting and needing to give all of her attention and care to this little infant who is so new and just adjusting to life on the outside. These little newborn babes require so much of new parents, especially mom.

Unfortunately, it happens easy enough, new moms will completely neglect themselves in their quest to meet their baby’s every need. In many instances, they have to hold their bladders, delay their showers and forgo brushing their teeth. It’s inevitable that self-care takes a pretty severe nose-dive as a new mom. However, some gentle care and attention is necessary and possible.

The postpartum body has been through a lot of changes, transformations and trauma. New moms need to heal! They need care as much as their babies. With little time to focus on themselves, new moms need support from their loved ones; gentle reminders of their value and worth and oodles of love and encouragement.

This is what Oh Mother Care Kits New Momma Care Kit is all about. We have curated a beautiful, thoughtful care package (of all natural, Canadian made and full-sized care products) intended specifically for the postpartum woman.

The New Momma Care Kit contains all the specialty items a new mom needs after giving birth; with a focus on breastfeeding support/care and healing after a vaginal delivery. These kits can and do serve as wonderful gifts for mommas who have delivered their babies by cesarean as well. Most importantly, they are curated with simplicity in mind. We know how overwhelming the fourth trimester/early months can be and our New Momma care kit is meant to make things easier with products that do not require a lot of effort and that pose no hazard or risk of harmful chemicals or toxics.

So, what’s in this genius care package you ask?!

The New Momma Care Kit contains:

1 x Blissful Mama Natural Room and Body Spray (60 ml)
1 x Natural Dry Shampoo (100 g)
1 x Sunset Nectar Body Wash (226 g/8 fl oz)
1 x Nipple Butter (30 g/1 oz)*
1 x Mama’s Milk Tea (70 g)*
1 x New Mom Bath Soak (12.25 oz/350 g)*** now in resealable bag
1 x Real Food Oat Bar** (53 g)
1 x Recipe Card (New Mama Glo Bars), 5 x 7
1 x “Shh Baby is Asleep, Momma is Resting” Door Hanger
1 x “Hey Wanna Help?” Card for fridge, 5 x 7

*[PLEASE NOTE] In support of a woman’s choice to breastfeed or not (Fed is best), there is an option to swap out breastfeeding specific items in the kit; specifically the “Mama’s Milk Tea” and the “Nipple Butter”. This swap offers products of equal value; 1 x New Moon Tea Co ‘Postpartum’ Tea (40 g) & 1 x Rose Toner (100 ml/ 3.5 fl oz). Please indicate if you want this swap out in the “Customer Provided Notes” at checkout.

Hands down, this is the perfect gift for a new mom. They always have enough baby things. Be the person whose thinks of the new mom. She will wholeheartedly appreciate and LOVE that you’re looking out for her.

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