FALL 2016 Care Kit – Sneak Peek


So I don’t want to spoil the fun and surprise of unboxing your Oh Mother Care Kit but I do want to give you all a little sneak peek of what’s to come.

Quite frankly, I am down right giddy about the Fall care kit. I haven’t shut up about it to my husband, Ian. For months now, he has listened to me obsess over every detail and go back and forth on which products to include. It’s not all fun and games curating these boxes ya know!…well, okay…it’s mostly all fun (haha!) but I do take the selection process very serious because I want to ensure that I’m providing a unique array of artisan, Canadian-made products that are beautiful and equally practical!

The products I have selected for the Fall box definitely hit this balance and they will make taking some time out for yourself so glorious! I’m also introducing a new batch of Canadian small businesses in this box. There are some really amazing Canadian makers out there to discover and I’m so happy to be including the best of the bunch in my care kits.

My childlike giddiness about the Fall Oh Mother Care Kit has inspired me to give a little sneak peek, a palette quencher, if you will, of what is to come. Drumroll please!

  • Some super fabulous, fresh loose tea from Teageekery (enough to enjoy multiple cups of an all-time seasonal favourite)
  • A bag of decadent sweet treats that I challenge you to not eat in one sitting (OMG they are sooooo yummy!)
  • A delicious, nutritious snack bar
  • A lovely everyday hair product from one of my FAVOURITE vendors, Lavami (maker of the Breeze body butter from the Summer kit)
  • An aromatherapy spray that is sure to uplift and put you in a seasonal mood
  • Something extra special to support a meditation practice or chill out session
  • A soothing manicure treatment for your hands as the cold, dry weather approaches
  • A beautiful jar of artisan bath salts (an amount to be enjoyed over multiple soak sessions and the scent is intoxicatingly refreshing.


  • 3 NEW Oh She Glows Recipes cards
  • 3 NEW Inspiring Mantra cards

You can see why I’m so excited right?!! And until August 31st, you can claim yours for $10 off a single kit + FREE SHIPPING or sign up to receive an Oh Mother Care Kit every season for $69.95 + FREE SHIPPING (on-going for the life of your subscription).


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