Foodie Friday: Want delicious risotto without all the fuss?


Everyone loves risotto right?! But who likes all the work that usually goes into it. Standing over a pot, constantly stirring, adding broth and waiting for it to absorb. Ugh! It’s a process and quite frankly, one I don’t have the time or patience for at the moment.

So, I was really happy to find this recipe at for a Butternut Squash & Barley Risotto that requires only one pot and no excessive stirring. It cooks in the oven so the labour is minimal but the pay-off is so satisfying.

I love that it includes one of my favourite fall foods too – butternut squash. This is a vegetable that our family enjoys in so many forms throughout the fall and winter months; oven-roasted in cubes, pureed into a curry soup or now, in risotto.

You will need a dutch oven or pot that can be used on the stovetop, as well as, being oven-safe. I found this lime green Denby one for a great price at Winner’s a few seasons ago and we love it. We also bake sourdough bread in it.

You can totally sub out the spinach for kale. I’ve done both and it’s delicious either way. I’ve also used old cheddar in place of parmesan. It makes a great side dish or main meal and makes quite a bit so you will have leftover for lunches.

Check out the recipe here.



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