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I’m failing at motherhood…

(And other ridiculous conclusions we make in the trenches.) I’m about to get real and vulnerable with y’all. So let’s purge some heavy truths shall we? Crack open the muddled illusions that we’re all “fine” and “okay”. Cause I gotta tell ya, some days, I’m not so fine. Some days, I’m completely unravelling and it’s […]

I challenge you to…love yourself

We all lose our way sometimes. I’m most vulnerable to this when I place other’s opinions and values above my own. Especially as a mother, it’s far to easy to fall into this trap of believing that you are “wrong” and “bad”, rather than seeing that it’s hard for all of us and we’re all trying our […]

Dare not to Compare

I love the quote “Comparison is the thief of joy” because it unveils the ugliness of a habit that plagues most of our lives, especially once you become a parent. We all do it and I’m convinced those who say they don’t, lie. It’s far too easy to get away with and it is such […]