Soon-To-Be Momma [Pregnancy] Care Kit


Growing a human is exhausting. The vast and intense transformations that the body goes through, both physiological and hormonally to conceive, house, nourish and birth a baby are incredible. And the roller coaster of emotions that come with this experience – whoa! Of course, the excitement and anticipation rapidly builds as baby’s arrival grows nearer but so too does the flood of worries and anxieties. Every pregnancy is unique but one thing is for certain, expectant mommas need as much care, rest and relaxation as they can get.

Our Soon-To-Be Momma care kit is curated with all of this in mind. We have curated a beautiful, thoughtful care package (of all natural, Canadian made and full-sized care products) intended specifically for the expectant mother.

The Soon-To-Be Momma Care Kit contains all the specialty items an expectant momma needs during pregnancy; with a focus on preparing her body and mind for childbirth. We know how tiring growing a human can be, so we’ve put all the work into finding and gathering goodies that will make an expectant momma feel fabulous. We also know the importance of good health and gentle care during pregnancy so we’ve chosen products that specially formulated for expectant mothers, contain natural ingredients and do not use any harmful chemicals or toxics.

So, what’s in this genius care package you ask?!

The Soon-To-Be Momma Care Kit contains:

1 x Prenatal Bath Soak (8 oz jar)
1 x Push Perineum/Bottom Balm (50 g/ 1.8 oz)
1 x Magnesium Body Spray (100 ml)
1 x White Grapefruit Lip Balm (18 g/0.5 oz)
1 x Belly Oil (2 fl oz)
1 x Organic Nourishment Tea (25 g)
1 x ‘Oh She Glows’ Recipe Card, 5 x 7
1 x Real Food Oat Bar* (53 g)
1 x 21 Card Deck of Inspiring Birth Affirmations (w/ muslin cotton bag)

Hands down, this is the perfect gift for a soon-to-be momma. From the moment the pregnancy is announced to months after the baby has arrived, there will be a flood of baby things arrive to the house. This is for certain. But how many packages will be arriving for the expectant momma herself? Probably not many, if any. Be the person whose thinks of her. She will wholeheartedly appreciate and LOVE that you did!

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