Oh Yoga Cards – Deck of 20 Hand-drawn Yoga Pose Flash Cards 4×6 size


    • 20 Yoga Pose Cards that you can Mix & Match to create dozens of unique sequences/flows.
    • Easy to Understand Instructions that allow you to feel confident getting into each pose.
    • Each card offers options to personalize the yoga pose for you and your body’s needs.
    • Hand-drawn illustrations that are fun, friendly and enhance your yoga experience.
    • Suggested Pre-and-Post forms to guide your home practice.
    • Great for all skill levels from beginners to advanced.

    Oh Yoga Cards are for all women, not just mothers or mothers-to-be.

    Created by Nicole Landry (Founder, Oh Mother Care Kits) in collaboration with Katrina Crowson (Hatha Yoga Instructor/Owner at YogaInTheWorkplace.ca) and Jill Jackson (Illustrator at Jill + Jack Paper). These three East Coast gals came together to create fun and friendly yoga visuals that depict real women’s lives and bodies.

    The guides and prompts provided on each card are simple, concise and support a home yoga practice that is accessible and easy to integrate into your everyday life and routine. The cards encourage experimentation and personal empowerment. Thus, taking note of what feels comfortable and not worrying about doing yoga “right”.

    The vision for the illustrations was to take the yoga card concept to the next level. In addition to demonstrating yoga poses, Jill (the illustrator) wanted the cards to be visually beautiful; each card being a mini piece of art. It was also important that women not only see themselves in the women on the cards, but that there would be a spacial familiarity as well. This is where the idea came from to place each woman in her home, creating a mini scene.

    The complete Oh Yoga Cards deck (20 poses) will allow you to mix and match your cards to create your own yoga flow by following our suggested PreForm and PostForm postures to do before or after the card in hand.

    On the backside of each card, you will find Benefits, Considerations and Options listed.

    If you like to plan and want to design a yoga practice, the Benefits listed on each card can help you choose yoga forms that could be most useful for you and your needs.

    Considerations are options to take into account if you are healing from an injury or have a tight, sensitive part, or if you are pregnant. You may also simply like the suggestions provided under Options. These Options and Considerations may provide more comfort or support in a form.

    We want you to want to practice yoga, because you like it, and it benefits you. When you are well taken care of, you are a better caretaker and all around happier human. Oh Yoga Cards can help you establish a new home yoga practice or even enrich a long-standing one.

    Oh Mother Care Kits is the creator of Oh Yoga Cards. We will not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or suffering while practicing with Oh Yoga Cards. Please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before doing yoga.

    No previous experience is necessary.

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