Miracle Magnesium Kit


Have you ever discovered a product that you just LOVE so much you want to tell everyone about it!? Well, topical magnesium is that for me. And more specifically, Nourished Natural Self-Care has my heart.

Studies indicate that many of us in North America are deficient in magnesium, a nutrient that has so many benefits for our bodies. It has been known to help with pain caused by arthritis, muscle cramps/spasms, poor sleep/anxiety, restless legs and much more. Topical magnesium is a great way to get fast and effective relief as it absorbs into the bloodstream and can be applied directly to problem areas of the body. It is natural and safe for all ages.

This trio kit includes:

1 x Nourished Natural Self-Care Restorative Serum with Argan + Geranium (50 ml) Apply 2-4 pumps into the palm of your hand, using finger tips. Distribute to all areas of the face, including neck and eye area. Massage gently in small circles.

1 x Nourished Natural Self-Care Relieve & Relax Magnesium Cream + Lavender (125  ml) Apply daily to affected area or lower abdomen for best absorption. (Do small patch test if to be used on children or the elderly. Do not use on broken or sensitive skin). 

1 x Nourished Natural Self-Care Headache-Lift (5 ml) Roll applicator across forehead from temple to temple, behind neck or as desired. 

In our household, magnesium cream is used on the regular and is referred to as ‘magic cream’. We rub a small amount on the bottom of our kiddos feet before bedtime. Not only does it help relax them for sleep (and they love the little mini foot massage) but it also helps our oldest with “growing pains” or leg cramping at night. My husband and I both use magnesium cream after intense or vigorous exercise if our legs feel sore or fatigued.

When I feel a headache coming on, I use the magnesium “headache-lift” and soon after my headache subsides.

This winter I started using the Restorative Serum with Argan + Geranium and I am hooked! It helps immensely with the woes of winter dryness but it also feels amazing on my face. It’s so simple to apply and feels like such a gift to give myself a little facial a few times a week.

This kit is great way to introduce topical magnesium into your routines and rituals.

Available for doorstep delivery in Pictou County, fee of $5. Or can be shipped anywhere in Canada for flat-rate of $18.95.

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