Birth Affirmation Cards (Deck of 21 cards w/ cotton muslin storage bag)


    When I was about half-way through my pregnancy, I had a complete panic that went a little something like this “OH GOOD GOD! This being has to come out of me!”

    Unbeknownst to me at the time, lots of other expectant mommas (especially the first time ones!) experience this. Heck. Even the ones who’ve done it before can have fear and anxiety. And we all have our own sticking points; the “what if” worries and “worst-case scenario” panics.

    In light of this, it’s important to give ourselves permission to feel all the feels and then figure out our best strategy to cope.

    Of course, this is different for everyone; some need to educate themselves on all possible scenarios because “knowing” can be powerful; some work to embrace the ‘surrender and trust the process route’; some want to put their faith in their childbirth team/health professionals and so-on-and-so-forth. None of these are wrong but they can all be improved upon with a little positive affirmation work.

    Having affirmations that resonate with our challenges and struggles can be really powerful and allow us to push through the hard bits and on the whole, maybe even change our perspective or experience for the better.

    These Oh Mother Care Kits ‘Birth Affirmation Cards‘ were created to serve and support expectant mothers in their journey to childbirth and even beyond. These cards have a variety of positive affirmation statements that can be applied to many different birthing scenarios and circumstances. They also reflect the common fears we face and the encouragement we need in pregnancy and further, in the throes of labour and delivery.

    An encouraged practice by many childbirth educators, doulas and midwives, positive affirmations can minimize anxieties and stress in pregnancy and leading into childbirth.

    They are most impactful when utilized consistently, spoken aloud often and when they have a constant, visual presence in our surroundings.

    This deck contains 18 positive affirmation statements + 3 blank cards to write-your-own affirmations. The cards are printed on high quality (16 pt) card stock with a beautiful matte finish and feature 6 different hand-illustrated, floral designs.

    Get a deck for yourself or purchase one and send it as a gift to an expectant momma in your life.

    These Birth Affirmation cards are also featured in our “Soon-to-be Momma Care Kit”. Check it out here.

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